Grow your dream therapy business
Now you have finished your course, discover the secrets of growing a therapy business beyond your wildest dreams!
Dear Mature Complementary Health Practitioner,
Do You
Deeply desire to start your own successful therapy business but unsure whether it will work?
Find the thought of marketing yourself and your business daunting and a bit scary?
Have enjoyed your therapy course but are now worried about bringing in regular money?
We know how you feel.
We gave up our 9-5 jobs and each started our own complimentary health clinics from scratch.

We are Claire Snowdon-Darling and Laura Knowles “The Alternative Health Experts”. We quit our 9-5 corporate jobs to train to become health practitioners.

Illness and pain had led both of us to start exploring more about our bodies, mind and spirit to try and reclaim our full health. 

We loved the courses so much we realised we couldn’t stay in our day jobs, our jobs had lost any joy and become not just dull but literally soul destroying but quitting wasn’t that easy. 

With financial responsibilities it seemed that “dream jobs” were something that happened to other people.

We felt the fear and worried about money. We knew it was our deepest bliss to help humanity heal, we just didn’t know if we could make it happen.

Then we realised that we had no choice if we were ever going to feel truly fulfilled. For life to have meaning we needed to reclaim joy and passion in our work.
Can you relate to this?
You have invested in your course, your friends and family think it’s an expensive hobby, you want to make it work so badly because this course has changed you and your life and you KNOW you can help people BUT… you don’t know where to start.

Maybe you have ideas about your business but you don’t know where to find new regular customers. It can feel very overwhelming and fear says you need to go out and get a job. And yet it doesn’t have to be this hard and worrying.
Starting a successful therapy business can be easy!
So many therapists
Do lots of marketing but don’t really get enough clients through the door
Finish their courses full of hope, but don’t know how to market themselves
Are gifted in their therapy but struggle with the business side of things
Feel isolated, unsupported and confused when they first start out
We have both been there.
We wanted to run our own businesses, have more free time, earn great income doing exactly what we loved.
So how did we change our story and start living in our full potential?

We tried lots of different things, some things worked and some things didn’t. We took a leap of faith in September 2012 and invested in a business coach who gave us the tools to have
Direction and focus on what to do
Work when we wanted to
Earn more
Bring in clients really easily
Be blissful in our ability to build our business
Be truly abundant
Now it is our deepest bliss to support complimentary health students do the same. If this is what you want for your business then we can show you how. We are totally committed to guiding you to reach your goals.

We are offering you a two hour call where we will support you to easily and joyfully grow your dream therapy business.

We will guide you so all you need to do is take the first step, we will help you avoid the potholes along the way.
By the end of the call you will:
Feel confident and secure about starting your business
Have real clarity and know where your destination is
Be walking the path to your absolute success
Feel like you are really living your potential
Feel the joy and bliss of making your dream a reality
Our lives have totally changed

We now live in such heartfelt abundance and bliss and we know we are fulfilling our life purpose. 

We are on such a different level of vibration we attract opportunities from all angles!

Things we are proud of from the last 12 months:
Earning more in a 2 days week then we did previously working full time
Regularly teaching Alternative Health at the highest level
We have grown a team of amazing practitioners who are treading the same path as us
Attended overseas conferences!
Arranged a 3 day conference for our team
Opened a flagship wellness centre
Enjoyed many holidays with our families
(our office)
We want the same success and abundance for you and are committed to guiding you to your destination.
Our promise to you
We will be 100% honest, authentic and share our experiences of what has worked for us
We will NEVER force you onto a path you don’t want to tread!
We will listen to your needs and concerns and ensure you feel really safe
(An all expenses nutrition trip in Munich)
We really understand how scary starting your own therapy practice can be and we are blessed to be able to help you move from fear into bliss.
What is the cost?

We have both spent thousands of pounds learning what we know and we remember starting out can be financially difficult.

We wanted to make this affordable and easy for you to say yes so this special offer is only £197 for the two hours (worth £350).

And we have an extra special treat for you.

And heres an special gift for you to get started! We have put together the top secrets every practitioner needs to know to start their therapy business.
With love,
"Claire & Laura are dynamic entrepreneurs and amazing human beings; inspirational, motivational and totally dedicated to providing unfailing support in every aspect of business”

Kim Aldridge, Kinesiologist
“I can say from personal experience, that this kind support is needed by everyone wanting to work for themselves and drive their business forward to success”

Gayle Jordon, Teacher of Beauty and Holistic Therapies at Totton College, Southampton
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